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Foto (c) Andreas Pinkow/focusundecho

6 pm

Fata Morgana Galerie
Torstraße 170
10115 Berlin

A sound-text-installation by Kinga Tóth, Bettina Henningsen and Andreas Pinkow

De—traffic is an artistic dialogue-traffic based on coding | de-coding social media dis-communication, it´s failure errors and the different methods of receiving and giving feedbacks.

The artists will do a live performance of a fictional improvised and sometimes absurd facebook chat they´ve prepared in the run of the mittemedia festival: a text-dialogue between Kinga Tóth and Bettina Henningsen with sound and visuals by Andreas Pinkow (Focus + Echo) animated by Tilo Spalke.


Kinga Tóth

Bettina Henningsen

Sound & Visuals:

Andreas Pinkow


Tilo Spalke